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1._________ was chinas capitial.
5.What kind of materials id they need to support the industrial revolution?
8.what did they need to sell there finished goods?
9.What did the British want to spread?
10.What year was the Imperialism in Asia?
12.Europeans eventually ___________ most of Afria
15.________ and Japan both shared soame parts of Korea in 1914.
16.Great nations should have ___________.
18.Means if other countries had more land and resourses, they could defeat you in a war.
19.Only the ___________ nations will survive.
20.The British also wanted to _________ people.
2.The British wanted to explore and ____________ unknown lands and cultures.
3.__________ felt like they didnt own enough land in 1914.
4.What reasearch did they need?
6.The belief that successful people are biologically superior, and weaker people will be weeding out.
7.The British put there jailbirds in ___________.
11.Europeans began explooring Africa in what year/
13.Brits went to Africa for a(n) _____________.
14.______________ believed that white people were superior and therefore had the right to imperialize others.
17.They needed this reasearch to cure __________.

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