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Chinese new year

Paul Smith

If you are a lover of Chinese food or just like a really good show, then this puzzle could be for you.

1 2 3     4
6     7                
9   10    
11             12            
    13         14    
15     16
17       18       19

3.Get it from the shops and you can order a takeaway
6.In a stadium watching football or another kind of sport
8.Some are wild and some are kept as pets in a cage
11.They eat greens and live outside in a hutch
12.It is an adult chicken
13.Something that you wear at a party just for fun
17.Breathe fire
20.Lives on a farm
21.This animal is used in racing
22.We call them big cats
1.DJ, somgwriters
2.It is long and slithery
3.Made with gun powder
4.They are kept as pets and you walk them on a ead
5.Played in the street
7.Done in the street and played at the festive season
9.Get it from shops and you can get it out of the tap
10.Druma lessons and ballet
14.Eat bananas
15.Used in the theatres and in plays
16.Makes you taller and you can walk with them
18.They are much clamer than horses and the do similar jobs
19.It is a source of meet, (unless your a vegetarian)

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