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1   2       3    
    4                     5
    6           7            
9   10                

1.refers to all activities undertaken by a business which help it produce and promote goods wanted by customers 9
4.a type of sales promotion that is used in sports alot 11
6.known as the four P's of marketing 9 and 3 (2 Words)
8.advertising that is put out by the whole industry to promote the products rather than one firm 7
10.one of the four p's of marketing 9
11.another name for primary research 5 and 7 (2 Words)
14.refers to all the people who might buy a particular product or service. ________ market 6 (2 Words)
15.displaying products in a shop in a way to encourage people to buy them 13
1.the exchange of products and services for payment 6
2.it involves finding out what customers want, market __________ 8
3.replacing foreign goods with Irish products 6 , 12 (2 Words)
5.use of a logo or trademark to make ones product stand out 8
7.An advantage of desk research 11
9.a type of advertising to convince customers starting with the letter p
12.one of the four p's of marketing 7
13.another name for secondary research 4

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