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4                           5 6
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1.a type of speech or writing that attempts to convince an audience to think or act in a certain way
4.draws upon shared values and beliefs within the intended audience
9.attempts to stir up positive or negative feelings in the audience
10.errors in reasoning that occur when the speaker or writer use misleading appeals to emotion, ethics, or authority
11.is based on the testimony of a source widely regarded as expert or reliable
13.the statement of opinion used in an argument
14.reasoning which involves drawing a specific conclusion from general and specific facts
15.an error in reasoning; the speaker or writer tries to make an appeal to logic, but the logic is faulty
16.presents two choices as the only ones available, when there are actually other options
17.statement of opinion about problem
2.a persuasive technique in which evidence is based almost entirely on a widely held belief
3.reasoning which involves drawing a general conclusion from specific facts
5.a persuasive technique that attempts to stir up compassion
6.One type of rhetorical device; the repetition of words, phrases, or sentences that have the same grammatical form
7.used in an argument; focuses on the opponent's personality, character, or other qualities instead of on the opponent's supporting evidence
8.use language to enhance persuasion
9.presents facts and logical thinking, or reasoning, in support of a proposition
12.method used to structure clear and effective arguments

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