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World animals

Juozas Puodžiūnas

1 2 3
    5       6
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  13         14      

4.Small animal that likes nuts and has a fluffy tail
5.Very stinky animal that is black and white
7.An animal that has colorful feathers and can speak human languege
8.Animal with weird eyes and can change his color
10.Furry lovable pet that dogs hate
12.animal that has a very long neck and lives in Africa
13.Fastest animal in the world
15.Farm animal that produces milk
16.Lovable pet that can be humans best friend
18.It can create webs and has 8 legs
1.Bigest bird in the world and layes the bigest eggs
2.Bigest mammal in the world
3.Tom and Jerry. Cat and a ...
6.Lives in Australia can jump very high and has a pouch
7.An animal that eats bamboo and it is in extinction
9.Farm animal that grows wool
11.it lives in Antarktica looks like a human with a suit
14.Very small animal that can lift 10 times his weight
17.A big animal that eats honey and fish
18.Long animal and has fangs it could be toxic

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