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Layers of the Earth & Its Atmosphere

Katharine Lee

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1.The overall composition of the continental crust
4.The outer core is the only ______ layer
6.The ____________inside Earth increases as depth increases
7.The atmosphere layer closest to the Earth's surface, only layer with enough oxygen to support life
8.The core consists of __________ parts
13.The deepest layer underneath the mantle
15.The innermost layer of the Thermosphere
16.The atmosphere layer after the Troposphere, ozone layer at outermost part
17.Scientists think that _______in the outer core create Earth's magnetic field
18.Outermost layer of thermosphere, mostly H and He, International Space Station orbits here
19.The deeper down the Earth, the greater the ________
21.The overall composition of the oceanic crust, with ocean sediment on top
22.A layer of solid rock that includes both dry land and ocean floor
23.A layer of hot and soft rock under the crust
2.The soft layer of rock under the lithosphere
3.__________happen in the Thermosphere
4.The uppermost part of the mantle made of brittle rock
5.The core is made mostly out of _______________ and nickel
9.A layer of molten metal surrounding the inner core
10.Last layer of Earth's atmosphere, about 6000 miles thick, has 2 subdivisions
11.The 3rd atmosphere layer from the Earth, coldest of all of Earth's layers, meteors occur
12.A dense ball of solid metal
14.The 3 main ________________of the Earth are the crust, mantle, and core
20.The main elements in the crust are oxygen and ___________.

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