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Hospitality (Accommodation)


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    3 4
5               6  

5.Places where holiday makers go to for relaxation and recreation.
7.Apartment units furnished and fitted out like a normal home but with hotel- style service provided.
9.Very expensive and offer the hgihest level of customer service.
10.Offer clean and low- priced lodging with no restaurants or entertainment facilities.
1.Hostels have tooms that are mostly in ___________ style.
2.Operated by private home owners who provide a bedroom for overnight guests and breakfast in the morning.
3.Cater to young travellers such as students and backpackers who travel on a very low budget.
4.Provide an exceptional and personalised level of accommodation and services.
6.Family owned large private house in which the rooms have been refurnished to provide guests with lodging and a simple meal.
8.Free parking is provided at or near the guestrooms.

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