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1950's Rock and Roll

BHS Fine Arts Seminar

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  6               7
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3.First Group to travel to Europe was led by singer, Bill ____________.
5.Disk jockeys taking money illegally
6.Last name of the owner of Sun Records, Sam ___________________.
8.Elvis served in this division of the military
9.Memphis recording label that first signed Elvis on
12.Tutti Fruitti
13.Bill Haley and the ________________.
16.A hit that reaches success in two different radio markets.
17.Hillbilly Rock
20.Died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper...
23.______________ records were sold out of the trunks of cars
24.Chuck Berry's instrument
26.Rhythm and _____________ has the most similarity to Rock and Roll
1.Pat Boone made a career off of ________________ versions.
2.One of the top Five record labels in the 1950's
4.A race record label from the early 1950's
7.Last name of the man who coined the name "Rock and Roll"
10.First Rock and Roll Movie, __________________ Jungle.
11.Dick Clark was the host of "American_____________"
14.A new market of buyer that emerges in the 1950's, the ____________.
15.The last name of the man that married his 14 year old cousin
18.First teenie bopper rock star, Frankie _______________.
19.The "King" of Rock and Roll
21.A root of Rock and Roll that came from the black churches
25.A dance craze from the mid 1950's, The _______________.
27.Crooner style Rock, like Pat Boone sang

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