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1 2 3 4
5     6                
  9   10        
11               12 13
14   15                
19 20         21    
    22   23          

5.<L. "through"
6.(intr. v.) to hold fast to a task or purpose despite handicaps or obstacles.
7.<L. "severe," "serious"
10.<L. "to bring," "to bear," "to carry"
11.(n.) prupose (adj.) concentrating on or dedicated to an idea or action.
15.(adj.) lasting for an indefinitely long time; continuing regularly; living longer than 2 years (esp. plants)
16.<L. "year"
17.<L. "to stretch"
19.<L. "to go," "to pass"
22.<L. "in"
23.(tr.v.) to use available evidence to form a conclusion; to guess
1.<L. "to stretch"
2.(tr.v.) to postpone; delay. (intr. v.) to yield respectfully to the opinion or will of another
3.<L. "to bring," "to bear," "to carry"
4.(n.) instruments that make a sound when struck; the action of striking of one thing against another. (adj.) describing the striking of a substance or a musical instrument
6.(tr. v.) to penetrate through spaces; to spread throughout.
8.(intr.v.) to engage in an argument, struggle, or rivalry. (intr.v.) to assert; to put forth an argument
9.<L. "to stretch"
12.(adj.) tending to delay or postpone
13.(n.) excited feelings of pride, triumph, or happiness
14.<L. "to bring," "to bear," "to carry"
17.<L. "to bring," "to bear," "to carry"
18.<L. "to stretch"
20.<L. "out of"
21.<L. "apart"

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