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1.favorite tourist destination for recreation in the Phililppines
4.hit the cut off man is a common phrase in this game.
9.tiger woods' favorite sport
11.activities chosen that bring about enjoyment and satisfaction
13.the goal of any player is to knock over the pins
14.recreational activity that also teaches self-reliance and teamwork.
16.improves health and keeps one's body well-toned.
17.a overland journey usually to Africa to observe and photograph wild life.
19.period of enjoyment where one is released from paid responsibility
23.the surfing capital of the Philippines
2.other name for maountaineering which means climbing the alpines
3.a form of running at a slow leisurely pace.
5.the practice of catching fish with a hook
6.an element of challenging outdoor recreation
7.a regular activity undertaken for pleasure
8.wood carving or baskets that make excellent souvenirs or pasalubong
10.originally, it was used to employ gesture to supplement or replace speech.
12.a challenging outdoor recreational activity
15.dominated by Pacquiao for many years.
18.simplest exercise or leisure activity one can engage in either alone or with friends
20.author of the book which sold about 450 million copies
21.lead character in a multi-awarded film
22.stands for defense of the ancients

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