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Upstream B2-1 Unit 8

Karina Sedova, Jana Kroman


1 2
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  7 8 9        
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  13 14           15          
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    21 22   23
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3.A small, round piece of food
4.Not easily broken or made weaker/difficult to cut or eat
5.To mix a liquid, eggs etc. very quickly so that air is mixed in, using a fork or something else
6.A large fish with silver skin and pink flesh that lives in the sea but swims up rivers to lay its eggs.
9.A pipe that carries water or waste liquids away (n)
10.A round wire kitchen tool with a lot of small holes , used for separating solid food from liquid or small pieces of food from large pieces
14.A square piece of cloth or paper used to protecting your clothes and for cleaning your hands and lips during the meal
15.Food is easy to cut and eat, especially because it has been well cooked
16.To tell someone that they are not allowed to do something or that something is not allowed
17.Wearing clothes that are old and worn (adj)
19.A unit for measuring an amount of liquid, especially beer or milk
20.One of several kinds of fungus with stems and round tops, some of which can be eaten
24.To not do something that you want to do
27.A cloth used for covering a table
29.A herb with curly leaves, used in cooking or as decoration on food
30.A tool, used for grating food
32.Polite and showing respect for other people
33.A vegetable with a long white stem and long flat green leaves, which tastes like an onio
34.The meat of a calf (=a young cow)
35.To make a fire or light stop burning or shining
36.Extremely large
1.A small round seed like a bean, dried and used for food
2.To fix a picture, photograph etc. to a wall
5.A small kitchen tool made of curved pieces of wire, used for mixing air into eggs. Cream etc.
6.To suffer or die because you do not have enough to eat
7.A special type of knife for removing the skin from fruit or vegetables
8.To cut something into smaller pieces
11.A pie without a top, filled with a mixture of eggs, cheese, vegetables etc
12.To move or bend your body in a particular direction
13.An official decision given by a judge or a court of law
14.They grow on trees.They have hard shells and firm insides that can be eaten
18.One of a series of regular movements or hitting actions
21.If you .... someone,you go somewhere with them
22.The chemical processes by which food is changed into energy in your body
23.To give something, especially money, to a person or an organization in order to help them
24.To come together again or to bring people, parts of an organization, political party or country together again
25.To read or hear a large amount of new information and understand it
26.A salad made with thinly cut raw cabbage
28.Is a large, flat shellfish
31.To move someone or something to a more important level or rank, or make them better than before

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