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Philippine History with Politics and Governance

From the book 'Philippine History 2nd Edition' and 'Textbook of the Philippine Constitution 2005 Edition'

1                 2 3             4
  5   6   7          
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37           38                     39              
  40               41                  
43   44                 45        
46       47                        
  48           49         50
  51     52                   53      
    56               57                
      58 59  
  60 61   62               63              
64             65            
66               67             68
69     70                      
72   73                      

1.remaining core
3.make the first atlas
7.capital of the Philippine
10.biggest island in the Philippines
11.first daughter of Si-Kvay
12.Ilocano wine
16.the deadly march from Bataan to Tarlac
18.the period where the Formosan connection was severed
19.proposed Rizaline Republic
22.formal expression of opinion
23.adapting ancient practices with Christian religion
25.Philippine mound builder
26.composed of 250 members
31.title given to Miguel Lopez de Legazpi
32.Chinese mestizos
33.treaty between Spain and Portugal
37.provision inserted in the general appropriations bill
38.US had the God-given rights
41.trip to the house of God
43.theorized the exchange theory
47.wonder drug of the Japanese period
48.god of sea
52.wrote 'Lupang Hinirang'
53.absolute power of the President
54.indicates high position of the owner in a community
55.veto power
56.longest river in the Philippines
57.law enacted by the legislative branch of a government
62.first woman
63.consist of 13 teachings by Emilio Jacinto
66.a person who engages in irregular warfare
67.woven buri bags
69.Magellan's interpreter
71.where the charges of Magellan occurred
73.he killed Magellan
74.clock of the mountains
75.aboriginal pygmy group
1.the religion brought by the Spaniards
2.the greatest iron-bearing area in the Philippines
3.tiniest shell
4.female priest
5.one affecting private interest
6.first metal widely used in the Philippines
7.worship place of Muslim
9.feudal grant
13.could alter the formation of the earth
14.first converted Cebuano
15.war against the Moors
17.first president of the Katipunan
20.the name of the Filipinos name in Spanish era
21.the king who refused Magellan's proposal
24.the rajah in Cebu
27.Hari ng mga Tagalog
28.theorized the economic system
29.owner of haciendero
30.first Filipino printer
34.dwarf carabao
35.the name given by Villalobos to Leyte
36.papal bull
39.a bill imposing high tariff rates
42.annual quotas
44.the only ship who was able to return to Spain
45.early ship
46.mythical bird
49.opened after Second Reading
50.signed by President Woodrow Wilson
51.smallest monkey
52.Philippine National Hero
58.1st expedition after Magellan's
59.study of significant events
60.introduced Christianity in the Philippines
61.official organ of the Katipunan
63.early method in preparing fish
65.paid in cash or in kind
67.the financial program of the national government for the designated calendar year
68.collective body as is competent to transact its business
70.submission to the will of God
72.written enactments

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