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Geometry Vocabulary

Dominick Rogers

Test your knowledge with basic geometry vocab.

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1.Points that end up on the same plane.
5.A line that starts at a point and goes on forever in one way.
8.All points between two points. (2 Words)
11.A shape of which all sides are line segments.
13.An angle less than 90 degrees. (2 Words)
15.Two lines that have the same slope and never meet up. (2 Words)
17.A shape that is cut into two halves that are congruent.
18.The last points on a line.
19.The connecting path of two points.
20.Shapes with the same size and shape.
2.Intercrossing lines. (2 Words)
3.The place where the X and the Y intersect.
4.Two rays that share an endpoint.
6.A 90 degree angle. (2 Words)
7.a line with width.
9.Lines on a 3-D scale that don’t intersect and are not parallel. (2 Words)
10.Points that end up on the same line.
12.An angle over 90 degrees. (2 Words)
14.Point in the middle of a line.
16.A corner point of a shape.

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