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Name Game

Aaron Hoxworth

All of my resident's first names!

1 2 3 4
5           6             7 8
    9   10     11                
12             13                
  14       15     16 17 18                  
20     21               22              
25           26                 27
    30       31    
    33       34  
36   37     38     39   40        

5.I know Mike Harmon
6.I'm a green stripe in taekwondo
9.I am colorblind
11.I'm Jewish
12.I have two prosthetic cones in my right ear
13.I drink pickle juice on a regular basis
14.I am going to be working at Yellowstone National Park this summer
17.I have a horse
20.I've been to 27 different states and one different country
21.I'm a die hard Lady Gaga fan
22.When I was born, I was not alive; they had to start my heart pumping again
23.I sleep with two eeyore stuffed animals every night
25.I have two different sized feet
26.I used to live in Colorado (2 Words)
28.I'm a transfer student from Eastern Kentucky
29.Butterflies scare me
30.I was born in Paraguay
32.I'm Japanese
33.My favorite animal is a goat
36.I cracked 90 eggs on my head in less than a minute
38.I lived in Ohio for 5 years
40.I have been sky diving
41.I had a seizure over Labor Day weekend
42.I am obsessed with jellyfish
1.I like Chevy
2.I'm on the rowing team
3.I have a fraternal twin brother
4.My favorite sport is soccer
7.I stole a Hershey's candy bar from Meijer when I was 6
8.My first name is my mom's maiden name
10.I play soccer
15.I hate RARE steak
16.I don't have a twitter account
18.I am a cheer coach for 7th grade middle school girls (2 Words)
19.I'm a vegetarian
20.I can touch my nose with my tongue
23.I performed at the opening ceremonies of the Summer '12 London Olympics
24.I've been dancing since I was 5
27.I am obsessed with cats
29.I love spongebob
31.I passed my driver's test on Saturday, January 26th, 2013
34.I love cats
35.I did long-jump in high school
37.I was born in London
38.I have to sleep with socks on
39.I play guitar
40.I am a black belt in Tang Soo Do

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