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Romano Fusciardi

watch out

1 2    
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  6             7
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30           31 32           33  

2.Who would occasionally stay back after school to mop the common room (last name)?
4.Wander the Botanic Gardens and who will you meet?
6.A household tool, but also nickname of someone in our year
8.One of Dan's gafs was put to an end by a grumpy neighbor called
11.Shocked students by scoring Sophie Higgs before anyone. (Last name)
12.Porn movie that me and cabena rented and we watched in your house (2 Words)
13.Dickey's middle name
15.The name of the creep in Barnardos
19.Popular boat shaped pizza in the cantine
20.Donal's dad
22."Shags be Novels" is an anagram for something that was said to us every day in school (3 Words)
24."What is Love" is a song by..
25.Whos the only person who didnt get into Tramco on grad?
27.Nick's favourite Tee
28."A Rape Kick" is an anagram for what popular drink of our youth?
30.A club we frequented in Krakow
32.Martin the bummist who raped donal at camping, had a partner in crime called?
34.Daragh Byrne's nickname in Crete
35.All I remember from Geography (3 Words)
1.One of the most common things said by our crew back in the day
2.Number of times Sarah Donnelly took the driver theory test
3.Alex Mcloud broke his ass bone, more commonly known as what bone?
5.Captain of the famous Junior C hockey team of which you were a part of (First name)
7.Complete the love heptagon: Gordo, Coxy, Corbin, Mike, Ruth, Bishop and
9.Rabo courted a girl in Poland, what was her name?
10.Whats Mike's old house in Dartry called?
11.Infamous sarah corbin party. What was Finge's costume?
14.Ms Graham's favourite thing
16.What country did Dick Davies used to teach in and get bullied in?
17."Gold Princess of the Midday" is a student in highschool (2 Words)
18.Early drinking spot beside Euans (2 Words)
21.We all had to watch it. Who did Morgan Freeman play in Shawshank Redemption?
23.If Marcus is having a pint and Siobhan is having a Pinot Grigio, whats Rachel having?
26.The day donal got stuck in the tree was also the first time we met who? (2 Words)
29.Mr. Griffin had this movie poster in his room
31.What lane did the Higgs clan live on?
33.Her pictures are on the internet

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