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Sprint Deployment Refresher Training

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6.Name of weekly report (3 words) (3 Words)
10.Short name for order sent to the LEC
12.Team responsible for planning IP aggregators, routers and IP ports
15.Also known as connecting facility assignment
16.ASR stands for (3 words) (3 Words)
18.Team responsible for assigning IP ports
19.Team responsible for testing and turn up of T1 solutions (2 words) (2 Words)
20.Short name for Wireless Interconnection Solutions
21.Short name for database used to find status of a Carrier Add
22.Short name for Wireless Interconnection Solutions Test and Turn-up (2 words) (2 Words)
23.Sales Support manager - female (2 words) (2 Words)
25.Sprint Deployment director (2 words) (2 Words)
27.Status of order when it is pending integration
28.Sales Support director (2 words) (2 Words)
30.Sales Support manager - male (2 words) (2 Words)
1.Short name for Switch Network Planning
2.Team responsible for purchasing hardware (3 Words)
3.Database used as database of record for processing CHG-BACKHAULs
4.FOC stands for (3 words) (3 Words)
5.Sprint Deployment group manager (2 words) (2 Words)
7.Short name for tool used to find status of CORE equipment
8.Completed status of a Carrier Add (2 words) (2 Words)
9.Team responsible for MAN and DCS planning (2 words) (2 Words)
11.Team responsible for entering T1 orders into NRM
13.Team responsible for obtaining LEC facilities (2 words) (2 Words)
14.Two teams responsible for Market Order information (short names - 2 words) (2 Words)
17.Team responsible for approving the CFR (2 words) (2 Words)
24.Status of order when it is pending XC (cross-connect)
26.What is the name of the request that is received from the LEC as a result of the ASR being sent
29.Team responsible for assignment CFA

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