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Our First Valentines Day.

Britty Leigh

I made you a crossword for our first valentines day, since we're trying to be cost efficient. I really hope you love it. I love you.

1 2 3 4
    5 6                    
  7                         8
    10   11       12         13
    20         21 22      
23   24      
  25         26   27             28

6.What you tell me every night before we go to sleep.
7.What your butt looks like (2 Words)
11.Our future family name.
16.What I'll miss most about North Carolina. (3 Words)
17.You hold the key to my _________.
18.Where I'll sleep once I'm there. (3 Words)
19.Fake Canadian Macoroni. (2 Words)
20.My favourite colour.
21.Our first vacation together will be at the _______.
25.What do I love for you to call me?
27.Something about I find mesmerizing, also the title of a RENT song. (2 Words)
29.What happens just a couple days before we meet for the first time? (2 Words)
30.How many months until I move in.
31.How many children we're going to have (according to me).
32.I love you more than ____________.
33.The way I wore my hair on our first real date.
34.You owe me a lot of _________.
1.What we're going to do day over and over every day. (3 Words)
2.The name of our future first child.
3.One of our favourite shows, that you got me into. (3 Words)
4.Number of months we've been dating.
5.Before we started dating, I thought you were ________.
8.Who enjoys my naked body the most.
9.In what way do I love you?
10.The title of our song. (2 Words)
12.One day you will be my _____.
13.How we met each other.
14.the day we started dating (3 Words)
15.How long we'll be together.
22.Who I want to know that I love you.
23.Who wears the pants in a good relationship?
24.What day is it today?
26.I love you _____.
28.Our ship name, also a pokemon.
31.You never fail to make me ______.

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