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Rabbit's Rabbit's Rabbits's

Bonnie Varner

1 2 3 4 5
6         7 8                
  9   10                  
          11 12
13                       14            
16                           17            
        19       20  
    22 23                      
  25             26      
29       30      

6.the organ that helps a rabbit digest cellulose
8.term used by Romans tor "walled Rabbit Gardens"
10.another term for simple maloclusion
13.world record for rabbit long jump
14.a broken colored rabbit with only 10% color
16.scientic name for rabbit
19.term used when a rabbit gives births
21.growth of a rabbits insicsor in a month
23.the _______ are credited with discovering rabbits
24.term used to discribe rabbits activity cycle
25.largest number of kits born in a litter
27.name of worlds heaviest rabbit at 50#
28.catchin a white rabbit is considered ____ luck in Artic cultures
29.fabric used in England to polish rabbit hair
30.month that contains national rabbit week
1.term used for teeth behind the large incisors in upper jaw
2.night droppings that rabbits consume to aid digestion
3.type of rabbit that is an endangered species
4.color of vulva that reduces chance of conception
5.term used to discribe a group of rabbits lliving together
7.area that contains the largest doemestic rabbit population
9.a rabbit breaths 32-60 breaths per minute
11.Fisherman consider seeing a rabbit on the way to their boats a _______ omen
12.term used for baby bunnies
14.what romans called subterranean passages
15.under the right conditions a single rabbit can dig ____ meters in one night
17.rabbits have this type of vision
18.term used when a rabbit is happy and jumps and twists
20.rabbits are classified as this
22.the teeth that distinquish rabbits from rodents
26.term used for a rabbit that is raised for show

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