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Rifles Pages 8 - 10

Rose Kraft

1 2                   3 4
5             6 7    
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    17 18            

2.A .30-06 caliber rifle can fire the bullet more than _____.
5.Rifles and bullets come in different sizes called ____.
8.A .22 caliber rifle can fire the bullet more than ____.
9.Rifles only shoot ___ bullet, at a time.
11.The larger the shell, the more ____ it is.
12.____ caliber is ideal for target shooting.
13.The rifle barrel has ____ cut into the inside of the barrel.
18.A .30-06 is a popular rifle caliber for deer _____.
19.In ____ shells the primer is built into the case.
20.A rifle model is ____.
21.It is important that you know what is ____ your target.
1.A ___ can travel and hit a person, a house, a car or a building a mile away or more.
3.A rifle model is _____.
4.A rifle model is ____.
6.Rifle calibers can run from ._____ up toas large as .50 or larger.
7.Shotguns shoot many _____ at a time.
10.The rifling causes the bullet to ___ as it passes through the barrel.
14.The grooves cut into the inside of the barrel are called ___.
15.The major difference between rifles and shotguns is found in the ______.
16.A rifle model is ____.
17.Always be sure of your target and what is ___ that target.

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