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Muscles and Muscle Tissue

CJ Ball

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3.Muscles that oppose, or reverse, a particular movement.
7.Consists of one motor neuron and all the muscle fibers it innervates, or supplies (2 words).
9.Tension in muscle and it changes length (2 words).
11.The other major protein in thin filaments, is a globular three-polypeptide complex.
12.A layer of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds each fascicle.
13.The plasma membrane of muscle cells.
15.A weight.
18.A rod-shaped protein that helps stiffen and stabilize myosin filaments.
22.An elongated tube at each A band–I band junction of the sarcolemma (2 words).
23.The dark lines in striations (2 words).
24.The midline interruption of a light I band (2 words).
25.Relaxed muscles are almost always slightly contracted (2 words).
26.The lighter region in the midsection of each A band (2 words).
27.Thin filaments slide past the thick ones so that the actin and myosin filaments overlap to a greater degree.
29.The region of a myofibril between two successive Z discs.
32.The movable bone in a joint.
33.A motor unit’s response to a single action potential of its motor neuron (2 words).
34.The light lines in striations (2 words).
35.The giant protein that makes up elastic filament.
1.There is tension in the muscle but it neither shortens nor lengthens (2 words)
2.Protein that makes up myofilaments.
4.Protein that makes up microfilaments
5.The cytoplasm of a muscle cell.
6.A rigid bar that moves on a fixed point.
7.The muscle equivalents of the actin- or myosin-containing microfilaments.
8.dense irregular connective tissue that surrounds the whole muscle.
10.A red pigment that stores oxygen.
14.Sheath of connective tissue that surrounds each individual muscle fiber.
16.Skeletal muscle cells (2 words).
17.Another name for skeletal muscle (2 words).
19.a state of physiological inability to contract even though the muscle still may be receiving stimuli (2 words).
20.The force exerted by a contracting muscle on an object (2 words).
21.Group of muscle fibers that resemble a bundle of sticks.
28.The immovable or less movable bone.
30.A muscle that has the major responsibility for producing a specific movement.
31.Each H zone is bisected vertically by this (2 words).

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