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5.This bird is delicious!
9.This animal has a mane.
10.This animal is extinct.
11.This animal is big and grey. It has a big horn on its nose.
12.This animal is very large and has a trunk.
14.A black and white animal.
1.A very large grey animal. It has a very big mouth.
2.This animal is the most similar to people.
3.This animal is from Australia. It likes to jump. It is brown.
4.A black and white bird.
6.This animal is green and brown. It is long and has many teeth.
7.This animal has a very, very long neck. It is yellow and brown.
8.This animal is a type of bird. Sometimes its head is white. It is an American symbol.
9.This animal has a long tail and is in the Madagascar movies. It is like a monkey.
13.This animal is fat and pink. Oink Oink!

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