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Computer Hardware

Bevan Lewis

Review questions on introductory lesson on Computer Hardware

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1.One of the two main parts of a computer system
5.Smartphones, netbooks and PC workstations are examples of this category of computers
6.This is the primary storage location for data and instructions in a computer
8.This is an example of an ancient mechanical computing device
11.Converts data into information according to program instructions
12.This type of computer uses continuous physical variable and mechanical parts to perform computations
13.Used for the permanent storage of programs and data (2 words)
14.Reads data and instructions into memory (2 words)
15.Randomaccess data access rate is in constant time (2 words)
18.A storage medium used for the input of programs and data in early digital computers (2 words)
19.Provides processing results in a form that can be understood by humans (2 words)
2.The most popular category of computers
3.The invention of this device led to a drastic reduction in size and power consumption of electronic computing devices
4.Hard-drives, tape drives and optical drives have this in common (2 words)
6.A non-volatile type of random-access memory
7.Runs thousands of applications simultaneously
9.A device that accepts and manipulates data and produces useful output
10.Category of computer used to analyze global trends to make complex financial predictions
16.This type of computer mostly interact with other computers or programs and provides access to shared resources
17.This component works with the CPU to process data in a computer

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