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Unit 2 review

1 2           3        
    8                                 9
        11 12      
13                   14               15  
        18                       19
20                     21    
23                     24                  

2.station for European immigrants in New York
4.allowed a group of citizens to introduce laws
6.invention of the lightbulb
8.someone who controlled a monopoly and helped American industrialization
13.act to have cleaner meatpacking laws
17.station for Asian immigrants in California
18.the muckraker that wrote the Jungle
20.allowed proposed legislation to be submitted to voters
23.writers that exposed the evils of industrialization
24.made the assembly line practical and popular
1.corrupt organization to gain political votes by bribery
3.act to stop monopolies
5.invention to make steel easier & quicker
7.political party that wanted to established a no class life
8.fighting against the spread of industrialization to protect nature
9.someone who controlled a monopoly and stole from the American public
10.a non-racist labor union that focused on education
11.house to help the poor and created by Jane Addams
12.idea of survival of the fittest
14.apartment style building for the poor
15.a group of employees that bargain collectively for better working conditions
16.a system of labor that allowed children as young as 4 to work
19.removing an elected official from office
21.an industry controlled by one person or company
22.immigrant neighborhood

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