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1.Stereotypical skirt-wearing, cigarette-smoking, short hair-having woman of the Roaring 20's
4.Teacher sued and found guilty for teaching evolution
6.Revolutionary home appliance, affectionately referred to as the "volume"
7.First movie with sound
9.The _____ Generation, name of both a group of American writers living in Paris and the generation that fought in the Great War
11.FDR's inner circle of non-cabinet advisors
13.Novel by Sinclair Lewis that satirizes the American middle class
14.First man to fly across the Atlantic
2.1930 tariff that decreased global trade by nearly half
3.President Hoover's policy that emphasized the importance of private charity
4.Two Italian Americans convicted of murder and put to death after a highly publicized and controversial trial
5.Euphemism for shantytowns built by victims of the Depression
8.Full name of the Robin Hood-esque "Public Enemy No. 1", "Scarface"
10.Borough in New York famous for its "Renaissance"
12._____ Dome Scandal

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