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The Night Circus Vocabulary and Characters 1

Partners in Crime

Use your vocabulary, notes and chapter notes... It pays to pay attention and do the work instead of talking!

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4.Fragments or pieces
5.Act of killing yourself
13.The Circus of Dreams (4 Words)
14.Determined not to change opinion
15.NC: Fortune teller and love interest
17.NC: Prospero the Enchanter (2 Words)
18.False name, usually used by a criminal
20.To make someone do exactly what you want by deceiving or influencing them
22.Not having any noticeable or distinguishable qualities
23.NC: The first opponent chosen (2 Words)
26.To express your thoughts and feelings clearly
29.Type of Wine
30.To make someone or something less impressive or respectable
31.Marco creates this using magic for Isobel
32.The clothes that someone has
33.To move across something, over, or though something
34.Shrinks and dissolves into the players hands when they are ready to commit.
1.Loaf of bread
2.NC: a theatrical producer looking to “push the boundaries” of entertainment. He owns the circus. (3 Words)
3.What Celia made float, spin and break
6.Give the courage or confidence to do something
7.The only colors that illuminate the circus (3 Words)
8.An interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding
9.NC: Orphan boy pulled from an orphanage (2 Words)
10.Element of writing
11.Very worrying or frightened (2 Words)
12.Very Hungry
19.Object that some people believe has the power to protect
21.Desire to know about something
24.Someone who uses magic or charm to make you interested, happy or excited
25.Hard felt hat with rounded crown; derby (2 Words)
26.NC: The man in the gray suit
28.Someone who supports and organization, artist, musical performer, etc

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