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Age of exploration

Margot davis

1 2
    5 6
        9   10        

3.when the middle ages ended the... began
4.the art of getting from point A to point B
8.First European to reach the tip of Africa (2 Words)
9.the...was used in the 15th century for navigation by sailors
11.A settlement owned by one person
12.First European to find Flordia (3 Words)
1.a way of navigation using the sky (2 Words)
2.... found the Incan empire and concurred it (2 Words)
5.a sires of wars led by the church in the 15th century.
6.A man who never went far himself but loved the sea and had a schools for sailing (2 Words)
7.A man who when he discovered the americas, thought they were the "Indies"
10.A rebellion that usually occurs on a ship

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