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Chapter 20: Employment Law

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1.an exception to employment-at-will, arises when an employer has said, written, or done something to lead the employee to believe that he or she is not an at-will employee (2 Words)
3.has been used by some courts as proper grounds for unjust dismissal lawsuits (2 Words)
5.establishes a series of steps that an employee must follow to appeal the decision of an employer (2 Words)
7.the general rule governign employment in most states (3 Words)
9.equalized the power of labor and management (3 Words)
10.permits a fired employee to recover compensatory and punitive damages (3 Words)
12.laws that control the work that children are permitted to do (3 Words)
13.an organization of employees that is formed to promote the welfare of its members
14.a statement that holds that regardless of any policies or provisions to the contrary, an employment-at-will situation still exists between the employer and its employees
15.a business in which a worker must join the union within 30 days after being employed (2 Words)
2.an agreement/contract negotiated by the employer and representatives of the labor union (2 Words)
4.assigning more employees to a job than are actually needed
6.prohibit union shops (4 Words)
8.a set amount of money to compensate employees for being discharged (2 Words)
11.a business or company that requires a person to be a union member before being hired (2 Words)

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