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I-9 Form Information

Andrea Dvorak

    3 4
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5.The person who completes AND signs Section Two
7.Employees who are contracted through a third party to work for a company-also exempt from filling out an I-9
9.The section to be completed when an employees verification documents expire and new documents are presented
11.Workers who are exempt from filling out the I-9
12.The date required under the certification section of the I-9
14.The number of days after hired that an employee has to provide valid documentation and completion of the I-9
15.Employer Review and Verification
16.Number of documents needed if using items not from List A
17.The section to be completed when an employee gets married or has a name change
1.List C
2.The person who completes Section One
3.Employee Information and Verification
4.List B
6.Number of documents needed if using items for List A
8.Popular acceptable document for List A
10.Updating and Reverification
13.Employment Eligibility Verification

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