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Equity Theory Evaluation

J Youens

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2.Clark and Mills suggest this type of relationship is had between colleagues or business associates, but not romantic partners
6.When men and women earn the same amount, ... of them tend to rate their career as more important
8.Equity is another exchange theory, suggesting that we are all this, rather than selfless
9.A study found that European students prefer an ... distribution of rewards
11.The idea of putting back what you get in is based on a constant ... of reward to inputs
13.Women who feel under-benefited are more likely to become this
14.What, according to Clark and Mills, do both partners tend to think will happen in terms with equity in the long run?
16.There are differences in this that the theory does not account for
17.In 'communal' relationships, there is less concern with this
18.The theory focuses on individualist culture, rather than this
19.The Steil and Weltman study suggests women tend to seek ... for themselves than men do
20.Clark and Mills suggest romantic relationships are this, rather than exchange
1.A prediction by the theory about the ... quality of equitable relationships being greater than inequitable, has not received support
3.This theory can be accused of being culturally biased, or ...
4.DeMaris found that women felt ... benefited in terms of inequity
5.This person completed the National Survey of Families and Households
7.The DeMaris study uses a 1500-couple sample, which makes it this
10.When husbands who earned more than their wives rated their own careers as more important, did women rate the man's career as more or less important?
12.The US National Survey of Families and Household investigated which type of relationship?
15.These students tended to prefer equity, where European students preferred equality (Gergen et al)
16.This person found that European students preferred equality in their relationships

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