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Nervous system / Alcohol

1 2 3
4   5                       6
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30     31                      
  32   33                

5.a non drinker ignoring their needs to take care of an alcoholic
7.the amount of alcohol in the blood as a percentage
11.disease charecterized by muscle tremors and shaking
12.drug that slows down the action of the central nervous system
14.a need to drink more to get the same effects
16.type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages
18.the brain of the neuron
20.drinking 5 or more drinks at a time
21.severe brain injury resulting in swelling of the brain
22.potentially fatal reaction to an alcohol overdose
24.nerve cells that pick up stimuli from the senses
26.disease that gets worse over time
28.part of neuron that receives impulses
29.diesease characterized by loss of short term memory and confusion
31.the action of yeast on sugars
33.living without alcohol
34.process of learning to live without alcohol
1.an addict who is dependant on alcohol
2.nerve cells that transmit impulse to muscles from the brain or spinal cord
3.alcohol related birth defects
4.paralysis of all four extremities
6.connects brain to spinal cord, regulates heart beat
8.the brain and spinal cord
9.2nd largest part of brain, skeletal muscle function
10.a physical or psychological need to drink
13.automatic response to a stimulus in the body
15.brain is poisoned by alcohol
17.alcohol combined with a drug increases the drugs effectiveness
19.paralysis of both legs
23.brain injury with temporary loss of consciousness
25.seizure disorder
27.largest part of brain, memory and thinking
30.nerve cells
32.part of neuron that transmits impulses

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