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Credit Protection - Personal Finance

Susan Smith

4                     5                
  8 9      
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4.legal withholding of a sum from a person's wages to collect a debt
5.fee paid for using another person's or company's money over time
6.failure to fulfill a loan obligation
10.period when the balance on a credit card may be paid in full to avoid finance charges (2 Words)
12.loan combining all existing debt into a new loan with more manageable payment schedule (3 Words)
14.loan repaid in a series of equal payments that include finance charges (2 Words)
16.organization that keeps records of your financial and credit transactions and credit worthiness. They sell the info to creditors, landlords, insurers, employers, etc. (2 Words)
17.buying items not really needed (2 Words)
1.part of a purchase price paid with cash or check at time of purchase, reducing the sum borrowed (2 Words)
2.record of your use of credit and your past payment patterns (2 Words)
3.creditor's evaluation of your willingness and ability to repay debts based on character, capacity and capital (2 Words)
7.what a consumer pays for the use of credit, including interest and other fees (2 Words)
8.pattern of past behavior in repaying your debts (2 Words)
9.form of credit to buy expensive items, such as, a car or furniture. The buyer pays in equal dollar amounts which include finance charges over time (2 Words)
11.overdue payment (2 Words)
13.numerical rating based on your credit report; shows a potential lender your credit worthiness (2 Words)
15.legal claim against a person's real or personal property to satisfy a debt
16.maximum amount of credit a creditor will extend to a borrower (2 Words)

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