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Using Credit Wisely - Personal Finance

Susan Smith

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5.business that collects unpaid debts for other companies either for a fee or a share of the amount collected (2 Words)
7.provision in an installment loan contract giving seller the right to declare the entire balance due if the buyer misses a payment (2 Words)
10.item of value you own, including money
11.used to borrow money, often to purchase goods/services from sellers who don't give credit. Types include installment loans, single-payment loans, credit card or check credit limits. (2 Words)
12.supplying money, goods, or services now in exchange for a promise of payment
13.one who supplies money, goods, or services to debtors
14.legal relief from repaying certain debts
16.your ability to repay a debt from your regular income
17.person who signs a loan as a co-borrower, agreeing to pay the debt if the primary borrower defaults
1.business specializing in making small or personal loans (3 Words)
2.one-time extension of credit for specific amount and period (2 Words)
3.final loan payment that's much larger than the other installments (2 Words)
4.property pledged to guarantee loan payment
6.your financial resources
8.guidance by trained people who help consumers learn to live within their means (2 Words)
9.contract provision allowing purchases to be added to existing an loan with earlier purchases as security for later ones (2 Words)
15.annual percentage rate of interest charged for using credit

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