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NC Career Mgmt CM1.00 Workplace Laws

Ms. Susan Smith

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1.workers involuntary separated for temporary/indefinite time
6.state-Federal insurance program; state-administered funds pay weekly money for limited time to eligible workers involuntarily unemployed
10.gives terminated employees or those who lose health insurance due to reduced work hours a chance to buy group insurance for them and their families for a limited time
13.free training or education services for legally eligible citizens (2 Words)
14.guaranteed financial help for workers injured on the job (2 Words)
15.1967 act prohibiting discrimination against people 40-70 yrs old (2 Words)
2.1993 act requiring employers with 50+ workers to grant up to 12 wks of unpaid leave to care for a new or ill family member without fear of losing their job (3 Words)
3.law that protects rights of the disabled (long-lasting impairments of body or mind that limit major life activities) (3 Words)
4.employ less workers, cut the workforce (3 Words)
5.1973 act that protects the physically, mentally, intellectually disabled
7.Federal agency that enforces laws to stop or prevent unfair job treatment due to gender, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or age
8.dismiss from employment
9.act sets minimum wage, overtime pay for work > 40 hr/wk, restricts work done by youths (3 Words)
11.1964 act banning job discrimination based on race, skin color, religion, gender, or country of origin/ancestry (2 Words)
12.termination notice (2 Words)

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