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Sekani Adebimpe

1 2 3   4          
  5 6                      
7     8                 9                    
      10                           11   12  
      13       14        
15                                     16  
  19           20   21         22 23          
  26                       27        
28 29              
          30       31 32  
33                 34        
      37   38
39                     40                   41
44                 45     46        

3.A Pokemon game featuring a new form of Giratina
6.Fat duck king with a hammer that is Kirby's classic boss
8.A series featuring the fight over the girl Pauline and includes Mario's rival
10.A 3-D Mario action titile where Mario travels to planets to save Peach and foil Bowser's plan
14.Older brother of Mario, is wimpier than Mario and wears green
15.A series in which Link saves Zelda in many adventures
17.Wario's acquaintance, he wears purple and is very tricky
19.A game made to celebrate The Legend of Zelda's 25th Anniversary
23.This pricess named after a fruit is consantly getting kidnapped by Bowser
26.If jumped on, this classic enemy hides in a shell
27.A plumber that saves a princess. Probably the most famous gaming character of all time
29.Initials of a Nintento handheld meaning Double Screen
30.Named after a flower, this princess stars as Peach's sister
34.The next-gen console that uses a GamePad
35.A princess from the cosmos who helps Mario in the first intergalactic 3-D Mario action title
36.Arch nemesis of Mario, has an interest in a princess named Peach
39.Kirby's rival, has a species relation
40.Bowser now has more kids referred to as this group
42.Mario's first enemy to ever appear
44.A racing spinoff for Mario
46.Plays a goddess harp, princess. Has another identity known as Sheik
47.A pink plush that can suck up enemies
1.A series that introduced the term permadeath and features armies
2.A series with 4 games total and introduces 2.5D side-scrolling to Mario
4.The newest installment in the Fire Emblem series
5.When Kirby inhales an enemy, he is given this kind of ability
7.The Wii title for Fire Emblem released in 2008
9.A Pokemon game featuring Dialga
11.A Luigi-based paranormal series where Luigi is a ghostbuster
12.An upcoming Pokemon game featuring Xernas
13.Latest Nintendo handheld, it can produce 3D images
16.A Pokemon game featuring Reshiram
18.Kirby's most powerful source of energy
20.Mario's monkey rival
21.The CEO of Nintendo
22.Link's most common enemy. Begins with a G
24.A Nintendo console that uses motion control
25.A game where 10 Kirby's work together to defeat a new threat
28.A Pokemon game featuring Zekrom
31.An upcoming Pokemon game featuring Yveltal
32.Wields the sword, lives in Hyrule
33.Graffiti master and son of Bowser
37.Known as Pocket Monsters
38.Mario's multi-circled worm-like friend
41.A Pokemon game featuring Palkia
43.A greedy tubby man that has a love for coins
45.These are mushrooms named after an animal

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