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Wildlife Management and Rehabilitation

Ms. Brock

Use chapter 15 from "Veterinary Assisting" to find the answers to these clues.

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1.an area an animal has claimed as its own
5.birds of prey that are protected by law and are not legal to hunt or shoot; feed on other small wildlife
6._____ game birds are wild species of birds that spend most of their time in the woods and do not move out of the area
8.the type of U.S. cougar that is endangered
9.birds that move from location to location, sometimes out of the local area or state
12.wildlife biologists manufacture ________ to control the spread of disease
13.animal watching, photographing, and drawing are all examples of how wildlife is used for _____________.
14.a means of wildlife population and disease control; tracking and killing of animals
16.when a species no longer exists, they are said to be ________.
18.when land is used for building cities and homes, causing wildlife habitats and food sources to disappear
19.the study of environments that animals live in
21.state _____ govern the hunting laws within each state
25.common game animals in the U.S. include deer, elk, ______, ducks, and fish
26.a restraint method used to sedate an animal for safe handling
29.any living animal that has not been domesticated
31.a type of whale that is endangered in the U.S.
34.some animals may be raised in _____ for release into the wild where populations are decreased or sparse
35.a means of fish specie control
36.the study of life
2.___________ animals are a species that are decreasing in numbers in the wild and are close to becoming extinct
3.wildlife ____ centers are areas that house and care for wildlife that are sick or injured
4.the game _____ is an agency that monitors hunting seasons by providing rules, regulations, and licenses for hunting
7.wild animal species that are not hunted for food; they provide beauty and entertainment only
10.individual people who care for wild animals that are sick or injured
11.birds that can swim and spend a large amount of time on the water; mainly ducks and geese
15.an animal hunted for food
17.large claws used for capturing prey and sitting on tree limbs
20.wildlife _____ is the practice of researching the needs of wildlife, providing them the essentials of life, and monitoring their survival
22.a _____ factor is when one of the four necessities for animals is absent
23.describes wild animals that occur in their natural environments
24.the capture of small animals within wire cages or traps
27.a form that states a person may legally house and care for a wild animal
28.the area where animals live; it provides food, water, space, and cover
30.carrying ________ is the number of animals that one area can support
32.allow wild animals that may not be able to survive in the wild a safe place to live and be observed
33.a type of bear that is endangered in the U.S.

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