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Interpersonal Relationships

Aimi and Jenny

WORD BANK: romantic (p. 155), increased physical safety (p.155), are more affectionate (p. 154),proximity (p. 149), economic (p. 154), opposite (p. 149), friendship of association (p. 145), primary (p. 148), eros (p. 147), storge (p. 147), Association (p. 145), receptivity (p. 145), maintenance (p. 145), dissolution (p.144), breadth (p. 152), depression. (p. 144), deterioration (p. 143), deception (p. 143), social bonding (p.142), Intimacy (p. 142), social bonding (p.142), interactional (p.142), interpersonal repair (p. 144), interpersonal commitment (p.142), involvement (p.142)

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2.The two most common feelings that accompany the ending of a relationship are loneliness and
4.When it comes to interpersonal relationships between men and women, research confirms that men are more _______ than women.
6.In the contact stage of relationships, _________ contact is typically superficial and impersonal.
9.William and Christina have been dating for the past two months and Christina currently thinks William is the best thing that has ever happened to her. He's intelligent, generous, witty, and he listens when she talks. In which of the following stages of an interpersonal relationship are William and Christina?
10.A relationship between two people who are dating would be considered a _________ relationship.
11.Which of the following is one of the benefits or advantages that people who communicate with others in an online format would most likely experience?
12.Helena and Henry began connecting with one another when they were moved into adjoining cubicles at work. They spend their days several feet away from one another, overhearing conversations and sharing office supplies, taking breaks and lunches together. Which element of attraction does this represent?
13.Compared to men, women __________ in interpersonal relationships.
19.At what stage of the interpersonal relationship process do partners begin to share social networks?
21.Carl and Wanda live next to each other in the apartment building. They see each other almost every day and are friendly but have no interest in a romantic or even a social relationship. What kind of friendship do they have?
22.Daniel "fell in love" with Clarice the first time he saw her. He is experiencing which type of love.
23.Carla used to think that Hamilton's laugh was cute; now she finds it extremely annoying. Carla is experiencing relationship __________.
24.In India, women may experience greater difficulty than men in divorce, in part, because of their _________ dependence on men.
1.James and Hieu live in apartments facing one another. They are friendly and cordial, sharing polite banter and joking around, but they don't have a true commitment. Which type of friendship do James and Hieu have?
3.Just as relationships are able to develop, they also find themselves failing in predictable stages. In which phase of a relationship do partners discuss the problems they are having and the changes they would like to see?
5.During the ____________ part of a relationship, couples often experience a shift in focus from the past and present toward the future by hinting about a shared future together.
7.After 6 months of dating, Lucinda has decided to bring her boyfriend home to meet her parents and little sister. What intimacy stage best characterizes their relationship?
8.In a friendship of ______________, one person is the primary giver and the other person the primary receiver.
14.As a relationship deteriorates, there is less of all the following, except
15.The principle of complementarity says that we are attracted to those who are
16.The __________ of a relationship has to do with the number of topics you and your partner talk about.
17.Steve is pushing hard on Barb to get engaged but Barb's response is that she doesn't want to make that commitment right now. Barb is sending Steve a __________ message.
18.Clara told James, "I think we should spend a few weeks apart to think about our relationship." Clara is sending a __________ message to James.
20.A love that is peaceful and tranquil is called ______________ love.

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