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FON Exam III: Chapter 6,7, and 11

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3.Type of assessment performed continuously throughout nurse-patient contact.
5.In managed care, institutions are only reimbursed only for patient care that is ______________.
7.Cultural group that uses leaves for healing and associates use of wheelchairs to sickness.(2 words)
9.Occurs when patient does not achieve the projected outcome.
10.Form filled out when any event is not consistent with the routine operation of a health care unit or the routine care of a patient.(2 words)
11.Problem-oriented charting uses this documentation format. (Acronym)
13._________ of care involves continuing established patient care from one setting to another.
15.Type of data perceived by the patient.
17.A _______ statement is a statment about the purpose to which an effort is directed.
20.Type of data observed by the nurse.
21.Information provided by the patient is considered what source of data?
23.__________ and physical examination are primary methods in data collection.
24.Fear of the ______ is a common fear for new admissions.
1.People appointed to examine patients' charts adn health records to assess quality of care.
2.Nursing orders provide _________ for all caregivers.
4.Grouping related cues together to develop a nursing diagnosis.(2 words)
5.___________ planning should begin shortly after admission.
6.Taxonomy term meaning inadequate amount, quality, or degree.
8.The form on the patient's chart on which nurses record their observations, the care given, and the patient's response. (2 words)
12.Regulates the standards of long-term care is documentation. (Acronym)
14.Assessment format that provides a systemic approach that helps avoid omitting important data.(3 words)
16.Type of charting used when additional treatments are done, changes in patient condition, and new concerns. (Acronym)
18.Type of charting format used for charting by exception (CBE). (Acronym)
19._____________ orders are orders that may be done independently by the nurse
22.Type of charting format used with focused charting. (Acronym)

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