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Mrs. Gekiere

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2.if a mineral is able to attract iron filings, it is considered to be _____________
7.the color of the mineral when it is powdered
8.the mineral name for rock salt
10.minerals that break along smooth, flat surfaces have _________________
12.we use a porcelain ____________ to test for a streak
13.crystals may also be formed by __________________
16.minerals are _______________ or non-living
18.a measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched
19.minerals are formed by ______________ processes
1.a mixture of minerals and other substances form together to make these
3.means that the atoms in the atoms in a mineral are arranged in a pattern that is repeated
4.describes how light reflects from a mineral's surface
5.minerals that break with uneven, rough or jagged surfaces have ____________
6.minerals can be identified by their ________________ properties
9.crystals can form from slowly or quickly cooling _________________
11.you can't always identify a mineral by thier __________________ or color
14.a naturally occurring, inorgranic solid with a definite composition and an orderly arrangement of atoms
15.the name of the scale that helps us to identify a mineral's hardness
17.gold and pyrite are so close in _____________ that it's hard to tell them apart

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