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OD - OW Homophone Vocabulary Words

Gee Boggs

This puzzle makes use of homophones

1     2
3   4          
    7 8  

1.male offspring
4.strict; rigorous, tight fitting; limited in means or resources
6.immobile, unchanging in condition or location
7.past tense of WIN; possession by effort or fortune
9.step or set of steps for passing over a fence; turnstile
10.pointed piece of wood or other material; a post for execution burning
11.to stop doing something or going forward; to secure as with a rope
12.commercial iron containing carbon
13.lyric poem of feeling and often complexity
1.series of steps passing from one level to another
2.to take without permission
3.sober, grave, humorless
4.free from curves or irregularities; correct; unmixed; conventional
5.single unit or thing
6.paper for writing, typing, or printing
8.under obligation to to pay or repay
9.a slice of beef
10.to look fixedly often with wide-open eyes
11.a body around with planets revolve, providing heat and light
12.distinctive manner of expression in dress, speech or technique

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