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London in the 1600's

Emily Thomson

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1.In 1605 what plot was made ?
3.What was the name of the huge event that happened in 1666 ? (4 Words)
6.What was the baker's name in the great fire of london ? (2 Words)
8.Which famous person wrote a diary of the great fire of london ? (2 Words)
10.In 1672 england and france declared war on who ?
11.In 1694 what bank was founded ? (3 Words)
12.Which famous actor/writer died in 1616 ? (2 Words)
14.What was the name of the road that the great fire of london started in ? (2 Words)
15.In 1610 what well-known theatre was built ? (2 Words)
2.Who was the main actor in the Globe Theatre ? (2 Words)
4.What creatures were thought to have caused the spread of the Plague ?
5.In 1666 what country declared war on england ?
7.What was the plague also known as ? (2 Words)
9.Who's head was put on a stick in 1605 ? (2 Words)
13.In 1665 what terrible disease killed thousands of people ?

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