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Diseases from One Place to Another

Tomisin O., Veneetha P., Hannah S.

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2.used in the care of all patients for successful nosocomial infection control
3.anything harmful or potentially harmful to health
5.personal protective equipment; ex: gloves, gowns, and eye protection
7.precautions used in addition to standard precation when the patient is known or suspected to be infected with microorganisms transmitted by direct contact of the skin
8.Occupational Safety and Health Administration
9.the transport of patients to a necessary medical center according to standard precautions
10.type of hygiens to contain respitory secretions and to prevent transmission of respitory pathogens
11.the placement of a patient in an airborne infection isolation room according to airborne preacautions
12.precautions used in addition to standard precaution for patients known or suspected to be infected with microorganisms transmitted by air
13.type of hygiene used before and after direct contact with patients and body fluids
14.exposure occurs when biohazardous microoorganisms in the blood or body fluids through intact skin as a result of accidental needdlesticks or cuts from various objects
15.precautions for patients used in addition to standard precautions patients known or suspected to be infected by biohazardous germs transmitted by droplets
1.equipment that should not be in contact with blod or other body fluids
3.any infectitious microogranisms present in blood, body fluids, and tissues
4.exposure occurs when the infectious microorganism enters through the mucous membrane, of the mouth, nose, or eyes
6.the seperation of patients with certain transmissible infections from contact with other patients, hospital personnels, and visitors

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