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Indian Unit Crossword Puzzle

Matthew Oldenburg

2   3      
4     5    
9   10                    
12         13                  
    15 16        

2.Hindu's believe you are ______ after death
4.Refers to good or bad action a person takes in their lifetime
6.What religion is Gandhi?
10.Lowest caste possible sometimes not even recognized as a caste also known as an achuta
11.India has the population of about 1.24 _______ people
12.Pakistan was split off from the country of _____
13.This nation was formed from Pakistan
14.The tallest mountain in the world is in this mountain chain
16.If you are born Hindu in India you are born into one out of five of these
17.Gust of wind that changes seasonally
18.The language of ancient india
19._______ is a region between India and Pakistan that is claimed by both
1.The ____ noble truths comprise of Buddha's teachings
3.India was once controlled by ______ until they finally broke away from them making their own country
5.The largest city in India
7.Gandhi wanted to boycott this by organizing a 'march to sea'
8.Gandhi received inspiration from Buddhism and ____________
9.Has no single founder, scripture or commonly agreed upon set of beliefs
13.Gandhi used this in order to gain India's Independence
15.The ______ river is among the top five most polluted rivers

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