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Plate Tectonic Crossword Puzzle!

Myles Sherman

7th Grade Science Plate Tectonic Vocabulary

1 2
4 5    
6           7 8  
  9             10 11    
16   17                

3.The layer of rock between Earth's crust and core.
6.The molten rock material under the Earth's surface.
9.A vent in Earth's surface through which volcanic material passes.
13.The theory that explains how the plates move and change shape.
14.The solid layer of the mantle that is made of mantle rock that flows very slowly.
15.A movement of the ground that is caused by a sudden relase of energy when rocks move along a fault.
16.Deep cracks that form between two tectonic plates.
18.The bending of rock layers due to stress.
19.The boundary between two plates that are moving away from each other.
1.Magma that flows onto Earth's surface.
2.The edge between two or more plates.
4.The supercontinent formed 300 million years ago and that began to break up 200 million years ago.
5.A break in a body of rock along which one block moves relative to another.
7.The process where new oceanic lithosphere forms when magma rises to Earth's surface and solidifies.
8.The stress that forms when forces act in in opposite directions.
9.An opening at the surface of Earth where Volcanic material passes through.
10.Stress that occurs when forces act to strech an object.
11.The outer layer of Earth that consists of the Crust and the Mantle.
12.The point on Earth's surface directly above the focus.
17.the point withing Earth where an earthquake's first movement occurs.

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