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Chapter One

Debby Burley

1           2               3
4           5             6   7       8                      
    10 11           12     13
14                             15    
17                               18                                  
    19                                       20        
      21                         22              
24 25                    
        26 27           28          
29                           30                                
  32           33                                
          38   39                      
              40                 41  
  42                 43                                
    44                             45   46              
48               49                        

1.True/False. Yes/No. (2 Words)
4.Obtained by selecting all individuals within a randomly selected collection or group of individuals. (2 Words)
6.Applies a treatment to individuals and attempts to isolate the effect of the treatment on a responce variable. (2 Words)
11.The statement of the problem.
14.Occurs when each treatment is applied to more than one experimental unit.
17.Errors that occur from the result of the survey. (3 Words)
18.Controlled study conducted to determine the effect that varying one or more explanatory variables has on a response variable. (2 Words)
19.Uses methods that takes results obtained from a sample, extends them to the population, and measure the reliability of the result. (2 Words)
21.The patient doesn't know whether they are in the control or experimental group. (2 Words)
22.Lists all the individuals in a population.
23.Numerical Data. (2 Words)
27.Each group of homogeneous individuals.
29.One in which each experimental until is randomly assigned to a treatment. (3 Words)
31.Provides an initial point for the generator to start creating random numbers.
32.Experimental design in which the experimental units are paired up. (2 Words)
35.Any combination of the values of each factor.
36.When a sample excludes a part of the population.
39.Short response/ Fill in the blank. (2 Words)
40.An individual does not respond to the survey.
42.Characteristic studied within population.
43.Characteristics that might be related to cancer, but have not been identified in the study. (2 Words)
44.Characteristic. (2 Words)
45.The group that is studied.
47.Another word for explanatory variables.
48.The subset of the population.
49.Occurs when the effect of two factors on the response variable cannot be distinguished.
2.Numerical. (2 Words)
3.In which the individuals are easily obtained. (2 Words)
5.Represents the variable of interest. (2 Words)
7.It's like selecting names from a hat. (3 Words)
8.Often called factors. (2 Words)
9.Used when the experimental units are divided into homogeneous groups called blocks. (3 Words)
10.Selecting a specific amount of numbers, and the person corresponding to the number will be given a survey. (3 Words)
12.Refers to the person or object of the population being studied.
13.Is obtained by selecting every Kth individual from the population. (2 Words)
15.A person, object, or some other well-defined item to which a treatment is applied. (2 Words)
16.Counted. (2 Words)
20.Obtained by separating the population in non overlapping groups called strata, and then obtaining a random sample from each group. (2 Words)
24.Consists of organizing and summarizing the information collected. (2 Words)
25.Characteristics. (2 Words)
26.Measured. (2 Words)
28.List of individuals in a population along with certain characteristics of each individual.
30.Measures the characteristics of a population by studying individuals in a sample but does not attempt to manipulate or influence the variable(s) of interest. (2 Words)
33.Facts collected and used to draw conclusions or answer questions.
34.Observations corresponding to a continuous variable. (2 Words)
37.Error that results from a sample that does not accurately represent the population. (2 Words)
38.Observations corresponding to a discrete variable. (2 Words)
41.Science of collecting, organizing, summarizing, and analizing information to draw conclusions or answer questions.
46.Innocuous drug such as a sugar tablet.

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