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The Jacksonian Era

Mrs. Illingworth

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2.President of the Second Bank of the United States
4.The Indians were removed to land wet of the Mississippi River that is now what state
7.President Jackson’s unofficial advisors got their name because they entered the White House through the XXX door
11.Under the spoils system, politicians traded jobs for XXXX
14.Andrew Jackson’s nickname
16.The movement of the Cherokee from Georgia to Indian Territory is called this
17.Paper money that is backed by gold or silver
19.This person was elected President in 1824
21.Ran against Jackson in the election of 1832
23.This state led the fight against the tariff in 1828 and 1832
25.Wasteful government spending is called this
26.John Calhoun called the Tariff of 1828 the Tariff of
28.After Jackson defeated the Second Bank of the United States, this city became the center of finance in the US (the Erie Canal helped too!)
30.In 1837 the government suffered a severe XXXX mainly because of Jackson’s policies
31.Last name of person elected President in 1828 and 1832
33.Andrew Jackson’s political party
34.Andrew Jackson used this power 12 times as President
1.Spoke in favor of the Union in the debate over states rights in the Senate
3.Indian tribe which adopted many ways of the white man, including a Constitution, a bureaucracy, and a written language.
5.Martin Van Buren was known as The Little XXXX because of the way he fixed so many problems
6.Native American who developed the written language for the Cherokee nation.
8.In response to the Tariff, Calhoun wrote a pamphlet in defense of the XXXX of the law in South Carolina
9.Andrew Jackson believe that the Bank of the United States was a XXXX that was controlled by the rich and powerful.
10.This political party was formed by people who disliked Andrew Jackson
12.The practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs
13.The Cherokee won the right to stay on their land in the Supreme Court Case
15.In 1830 the government passed the Indian XXXX Act
18.Last name of person elected President in 1840
20.The right to vote
22.Elected President in 1836
24.He served as Vice President for John Quincy Adams and during Jackson’s first term
27.Became President in 1841 when Harrison died
29.He defended state’s rights and nullification in the Senate debate
32.Andrew Jackson’s wife
34.Many more people were able to XXXX during Jackson's time because of changes in property qualifications

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