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Plate Tetonicss

Powers Cassidy

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1.The most obvious evidence for continental drift is the ____________________ fit of the continents.
3.Global ____________ System is a network of satellites used to determine locations on Earth.
5.The seafloor and continents move slowly, only centimeters per ________.
11.About five hundred years ago, European explorers sailed across the _______________. (two words)
12._________________ in Earth's mantle control the movement of lithosphric plates. (two words)
13.Mountains in the middle of the ocean are called mid-ocean ____________.
15.The oceanic parts of the crust are made of what mineral?
16.Rocks are always moving through what? (two words)
18.Wegner's continental drift hypothesis proposed that the millions of years ago the continents formed one large land mass named ____________________.
19.What mineral makes up the lithosphere?
2.This person thought that the edges of the continents looked like they fit together because they had once been attached as an entire landmass. (two words)
3.The theory of _________________ cxplains how lithospheric plates move and cause major geologic features and events on Earth's surface
4.The large brittle pieces of Earh's outer shell are called ______________ plates.
6.One plant Wegener studied was ________________, a seed fern.
7.Earthquakes and volcanoes are located near long, deep parts of the seafloor called _________________. (two words)
8.The idea that the continents move very slowly, over millions of years, parallel to Earth's surface. (two words)
9.Seafloor ____________ is the process by which new seafloor is continuously made tt the mid-ocean ridges.
10.Some ___________________ also look as if they were once connected. (two words)
12.The thickness and ___________ of lithospheric plates varies.
14.Scientist wondered why rocks on the _________________ were so different from rocks on land.
17.A plate that sinks back into the mantle is called a ___________.

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