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Unit 7 Grassland

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1.Grazing method where animals are fed fresh grass daily
11.Barley is a suitable one for undersowing (2 Words)
12.Traditional species that is very palatable
13.The sap is extracted by placing the grass in this overnight
15.The type of bacteria that make silage
16.Enough grass for 1 day
18.Clover increases this content in a pasture
20.Grass preserved by fermentation
23.Tufts of grass not eaten by cows are this
26.Fields that have been reseeded
27.Active ingredient in Roundup
28.Grazing method that increases productivity by 10-15%
29.How sugars are changed to acid
33.Amount of ungrazed grass in a field after the cows are moved
37.Family to which clovers belong
38.Semi-natural vegetation that thrives in Ireland's temperate climate
40.Grassland that has never been ploughed
43.Stage in grass before flowering
44.Process that prevents natural succession
45.Enough grass for 7 to 8 days
47.Method used to increase % sugars in grass for silage
48.Run-off from a silage pit
49.Leader follower system of grazing is employed by farmers to reduce this
2.A scheme developed to encourage environmentally aware farming practices
3.Balancing grass production with demand
4.Italian Ryegrass is an example of this
5.Sugars and proteins are converted to this as the stem develops
6.Clover that is best at nitrogen fixing
7.Perennial grassland weed on the increase from slurry
8.Composition that refers to the range of plants present
9.A measure of this matter is 18%
10.Grazing method used to increase milk yield
14.The flower in grass is this stage
17.Grazing of young animals on fresh grass that is not available to older animals
19.Advice given to farmers to increase productivity
21.This must be the same for all silage species (2 Words)
22.Grazing method used especially for dairy cattle
24.Silage that is dark in colour and does not keep (2 Words)
25.Instrument used to measure sugar concentration in grass
30.Encouraged by topping
31.Grass preserved by drying
32.Characteristic of PRG which makes it prevent weed grasses from growing
34.Early species of grass suitable for wet land
35.Rye grass with the best characteristics
36.Poorer species of grass
39.Optimum time to cut grass for silage
41.Sulfuric acid is one and applied at the rate of 3 litres/tonne
42.Optimum month for silage making
46.Grass has 80% at flowering

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