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Catherine, Called Birdy Crossword (Finished Version)

Korey Bryant

A crossword based on the book Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman.

1 2 3
4     5  
    9   10              
    13             14   15
17               18          
19     20      

6.Catherine's old profanity, "_____ bones!"
7.Catherine calls one of her brothers "The _______ Robert"
10.Catherine, Called Birdy took place in The ________ Ages.
11.Catherine's father who wants to marry her to a rich man in order to gain more land.
12.To promise or engage to be married.
13.To charge with the fault or responsibility for.
16.A young lady who will do anything to not be married to a man she doesn't like.
17.A ________ is a medieval traveling entertainer.
18.One who takes a huge sacrifice for a cause.
19.A service of evening prayer in other churches.
21.A thin layer of gold or something like gold material applied in giliding.
22.Before indoor toilets were made, people used ______, or an outhouse.
1.A landed estate.
2.Author of Catherine, Called Birdy
3.Catherine's father would love his daughter to be _______, or easily managable.
4.A slender rounded rod Catherine uses to spin wool into thread.
5.To meet the needs of.
7.Someone learning under a skilled master.
8.A foster child living with Catherine's family for a few days. Catherine falls in love with him.
9.To hate very much, to abhor.
14.A series of wars fought for holy land. Catherine's uncle George is fighting in it.
15.A monastery supervised by an abbot.
19.Smooth writing paper Catherine uses.
20.Catherine says that the privy smells ______, or very bad.

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