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Chapter Atlas: South West Asia

Pg 590-597

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2.One of the other countries in the region that have grown rich from oil profits. G
5.Oil production and processing has ________ the soil, and the rivers of Iraq. J
8.What animals have been used to cross the desert? K
10.Because of the fold traps _____ ______ has the worlds largest oil reserves. F
11.Local customs and religious traditions of the region favor _____ ______ which is rapidly increasing the population. Q
16.In Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE a majority of people in the that live in the region are not citizens but are what? S
17.One of the places where people have clustered for centuries. Near mountains. O
18.Much of the world is _______ on oil from the region so disruption in oil supplies raise oil costs. I
19.________ is possible only where there is enough water? M
20.The two main groups of Islam are _______ and Shias. T
21.Some ____ ___ comes from the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean air currents. L
1._____ _______ are built from the money earned from gas & oil sales. H
3.The countries in the region are heavily _______ except for Yemen. P
4.The Arabian plate is, in effect, a _______, or raised flat area sloping east. B
6.One of the two major rivers that supply fresh water to the mostly desert region. C
7.This is the process of removing salt from the seawater to make it fresh water. N
9.The things that used to be alive that had changed over millions of years into oil are known as ______ _____. E
12.The _______ of people in the region are Arab Muslims. R
13.This is what separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa. A
14.The pressure of the Arabian Plate & the Eurasian Plate pushing against each other has created what? D
15.He is so cool and should probably be given a reward for being so cool. U

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