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AP US History - Chapters 23 and 24 Review

Joe Sangillo

Complete the crossword puzzle below. If your response has more than one word, leave a blank box between words.

1 2 3 4 5
  7                 8              
11     12                                
      14             15       16    
18       19            
              25 26       27      
28                                 29              

6.Congressman and 1896 candidate for President--strongly advocated for free coinage of silver to spur inflation
7.Post Civil War system of loaning poor farmers money and supplies, which would be repaid with a portion of the harvest
8.A liberal Republican passionately opposed to patronage
9.Republican candidate for president in the election of 1876
10.Railroad tycoon known for crushing his competition in ruthless ways. His great-great-great-grandson is kind of a big deal.
12.Union that assembled skilled and unskilled workers, blacks and whites, men and women.
14.currency not back by gold or silver
22.published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species--his theories also used to justify class division during the Gilded Age
26.A firm supporter of government jobs assigned because of political support
28.1st federal law to regulate private business activity, passed after the Wabash case, but was largely ineffective due to lack of enforcement
31.Business tycoon, founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry and was the first great U.S. business trust.
32.Proponents of soft money advocated for the issuance of these
1.1896; declared separate but equal facilities do not violate the 14th amendment
2.More conservative union, led by Sam Gompers, accepted capitalism, but advocated for better conditions
3.Location of the "golden spike" that linked the Transcontinental Railroad
4.Belief that wealth was God's will, and rich should use their money to better society. Most associated with Carnegie.
5.Main form of subsidy given to railroad companies by the government
11.The preferred fiscal policy of Populists and Progressives
13.Labor revolt stopped by federal injunction, because it interfered with transit of mail. 1894. Did not give unions a good image.
15.arrogant new "leisure class" after Civil War, result or urban industrialism, think Snooki.
16.Another name for the Populist Party
17.Scandal during Grant's presidency involving illegal railroad kickbacks.
18.Demographic largely given credit for allowing Grant to win the presidency in 1868
19.Supreme Court case that upheld Granger laws, said states could regulate interstate commerce.
20.One of the most violent labor revolts in US history, against Carnegie's steel industry. Hurt image of unions.
21.Passed in response to Garfield's assassination--called for more standards based on merit for government appointments
23.Leader of Tammany Hall--a corrupt political machine in NYC
24.exposed the corruption of Boss Tweed
25.Religion of many "new" immigrants and urban Democrats in the Gilded Age
27.Supreme Court decision that severely limited the rights of states to control interstate commerce. It led to the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
29.Demographic group excluded from the era of open immigration between 1880-1920
30.Populists were angry with this business tactic in which different companies formed voluntary agreements to fix prices

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